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David Nicholson


David Nicholson is a successful biotechnology entrepreneur who founded DNA Worldwide Group in 2004 with the aim to transform the level of service provided and ensure true quality and care in the industry. He is passionate that people are given the opportunity to understand the truth of their situation whilst supporting them to take responsibility for what got them there. With Living DNA, he appreciates the purpose of the business is to use DNA to help unite the world, in a way we can all see how closely we are connected.

Science is often seen as something that the average person on the street can't be part of, what we doing at Living DNA is allowing everyone to understand we are all scientistis in our own way. The more we engage with science the more we understand this. By working hand in hand with the worlds leading scientists and genetics experts we bring science to life. By taking this approach we have the ability to change our entire outlook on what science is and the part we play. With Living DNA, we have the opportunity to allow individuals to understand just how connected each of us are to everyone else in the world. As the strapline says, We Are All Made Up of All of Us. The team is fully collaborative and it's great to feel how everyone is uniting for a common purpose that is supporting people and the quality of relationships worldwide.

It only takes a short read of the daily newspaper to see the amount of conflict that goes on across the world. A large amount of this comes down to political, religious or racial animosity. Yet within our DNA is the fact we are all connected, we are all in essence, one big family. The more people get to appreciate the fact we are one, the less wars and conflicts may possibly occur. Even the way we feel about another person we pass on the street or read about can change, as we start to see everyone as equal and not different. Having seen the change in the children that have taken part in our anti-racism educations programs, it's clear that understanding your own DNA breakdown really does support a change in perception, and helps breakdown the illusion of race.


David Nicholson