Our Lab

The Living DNA Laboratory

When you select a company to test your DNA, it’s important to understand the care and quality of testing that they provide. At Living DNA, our laboratory, in partnership with Eurofins, offers state of the art testing that is unrivalled in its quality. Your samples are tested at our high tech facility in Denmark, with a dedicated team of individuals offering the most advanced methods of DNA testing. All services are performed by GLP and GCP certified personal, processes and equipment which are designed to ensure the highest levels of quality. In order to support the global demand for testing, the facility is currently setup to process in excess of 18,000 samples per week without affecting delivery timescales. 

As demand grows, the site is setup to scale offering potential volumes in excess of 50,000 samples per week without further investment in infrastructure. Not wanting to stand still, plans are already afoot to expand lab size to handle the potential future growth. In line with our ISO:27001 and ISO:9001 there are two independent site locations to ensure continuity of service combined with multiple redundant Illumina genotyping machines. In order to ensure strict confidentiality all samples are processed using unique barcodes meaning no personal information is known to the technicians processing your data.

With multi-level biometric entry, around the clock surveillance and time coded sample storage your genetic information is kept safe and secure.