Living DNA, the University of Strathclyde and the Scottish Association of Family History Societies (SAFHS), which includes Scottish history societies across the globe, are seeking your help to extend the level of genetic detail within Scotland.

About this project

Living DNA working with the world's leading academics, scientists and genealogists at the University of Strathclyde and the Scottish Association of Family History Societies (SAFHS) are seeking your help. Together we are looking to map the world's genetic ancestry to the finest scale possible, one where we identify patterns of DNA within countries. Following our collaboration with the academic team involved in the landmark publication "The fine-scale genetic structure of the British population", we are now looking to extend the level of genetic detail throughout Scotland.

Our preliminary research indicates at least 20 regions in Scotland that may have distinct genetic differences. The aim of the project is to confirm whether the proposed genetic boundaries are correct, and redefine them based upon the genetic data submitted by participants that fall within these regions. By participating in this project, you will help us to map the genetic heritage of Scotland and show how we are all connected based on our DNA.

What do I get?

You will be helping to create a legacy for future generations to come, as you are part of the last generation who can help us capture a research project with great detail and accuracy.

As a thank-you for taking part in our research project, you will be able to find DNA matches with other people in the project as well as people who have taken a Living DNA test.

This will help those that are interested find new ‘genetic cousins’ and connect with once unknown relatives around the world. The free upload does not provide an ethnic breakdown.

For those that have not yet had a DNA test and choose to buy a Living DNA test you will also benefit from receiving your detailed family ancestry compared to 80 regions (autosomal DNA), your direct motherline ancestry (mtDNA) back to Africa and males will also receive their detailed fatherline ancestry (YDNA).

To purchase a Living DNA test - please click here.

How do I qualify?

We are currently accepting DNA uploads from anyone around the world who wishes to be a part of this project.

The One Family project is open to everyone worldwide and has two main research goals:

  1. To build a genetic family tree of everyone from around the world, regardless of where your family comes from.
  2. To build a regional genetic breakdown of ancestry within countries, similar to 'The Peopling of the British Isles project'. This part of the project is looking for people with all four grandparents born within 80km (50mi) of each other inside our project areas of interest.

Anyone with autosomal DNA data who wishes to upload to us will qualify for the first part of our research project.

If you have all four of your grandparents born within 80km of one another, you will also qualify for the second part of our research project.

How do I take part?

To take part in the project you will need to upload your existing autosomal raw DNA data from your current provider, free of charge.

To upload your DNA data to us, please click on the ‘Take Part’ button below.

To take part you will need:

  • Your DNA raw data file from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage or FTDNA (for help, click here)
  • The name, birthdate, birthplace and sex associated with your DNA upload

Please note: If you have already taken a Living DNA test, you can participate in our research by visiting the 'Research' section of your results.

If you don't have any existing DNA results yet, you can take a Living DNA test by clicking here.

For help or any further enquiries, please visit our help centre.