One Family One World Education Programme

Combining the power of DNA testing with carefully developed lessons plans and exercises spanning science, geography, history and social studies our One Family One World Education programme shows how we are all connected.

The programme is available around the world, and can easily be integrated into the curriculum.

The Purpose

The purpose of the programme is to empower students with a personal understanding of how they fit into the world. Through this process, we can help show how there does not have to be an 'us and them' attitude between peoples of the world.

The programme was developed in close collaboration with the leading anti-racism charities, schools and Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) and combines traditional teaching methods and hands on activities with unique insights gained from using the latest DNA technology to enable learning and long term attitudinal change.

How does DNA Help?

Through the unique methods used in the Living DNA ancestry test it shows how someone’s DNA is related to those of up to 80 population groups in the world and also illustrates their forebears’ migration routes from Africa to their current homeland.

The visualisations in the LivingDNA test makes it easy for students to engage with their ancestry in a more interactive and meaningful way, which helps them consider their origins and heritage in different light. When combined with hands on teaching methods, this helps break down the walls of division that they have been told exist between different groups of people.

What results can I expect?

  • A change of perception towards immigration.
  • A new understanding of migration
  • Increased empathy and ability to understand others.
  • Long-term changes to the notion of ‘race’
  • Increased understanding and learning toward notions of national identity.
  • A better understanding of what language is and isn’t appropriate to use.
  • Increased attendance.

‘Working with Living DNA has been the best thing ever’
Year 7 Student – Essex, UK