One Family One World Project

The One Family One World project is working to both map the world’s DNA and to help provide educational programmes to show the world that we are all connected based on our DNA.

Can you help us map the world’s DNA?

The One Family One World Project aims to produce a fine scale genetic map of the world from many DNA results in order to provide a world family tree.

We would love you to take part in this project either by submitting your existing DNA results or taking a Living DNA test.

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Take part in our Education Programme

Our interactive programme combines the power of DNA testing with carefully developed lessons plans and exercises spanning science, geography, history and social studies.

Students will gain a personal understanding of how they fit into the world.

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Privacy and Security

The data provided as part of the project is kept strictly private and confidential under Living DNA’s ISO:27001 certification for information security.

Your DNA information is never sold, and we act as the custodians of your information. We will never use your data on an individual or identifiable basis.

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