How accurate are the results you've provided me with?

Living DNA uses the world's most advanced DNA testing technology - a custom version of the latest Illumina Global Screen Array (GSA) chip. Each of the 650,000+ markers encoded on our Orion chip is represented at least 15 times, allowing us to present your results to a high precision and accuracy.

Additionally, the systems and software we use to analyse and interpret your DNA have been designed in partnership with leading academics from Bristol and Oxford University and in collaboration with over 25 other experts.

It is important to note that all family ancestry results are estimates, based on the comparing your DNA to our range of reference samples. Many populations are themselves formed from the mixture of other populations. Our algorithm will attempt to match you directly to a population/region, where we have it in our reference database. If we do not have it/we have a low sample size for a region, or if there is further population structure within that population/region, then we are likely to assign some ancestry to the populations that contributed to that region. If you have a query about a specific region, please do not hesitate to get in touch at


Your Living DNA membership includes free ongoing upgrades in the ancestry platform. In the future, if, we are able to provide finer detail within our existing regions, or we can offer additional features in the ancestry platform, your online results will be updated automatically (not applicable to printed results). Please check our website and follow us on social media for the latest news!