I want to find family members; do you match my DNA to other people on your system?

Unfortunately, Living DNA does not currently provide the ability to match your DNA to other individuals on our database, so it is not yet possible to find or confirm relationships with our service.

In most cases, DNA testing cannot immediately identify an ancestor, and DNA testing cannot replace the need for traditional genealogical paper trails.

For those interested in using Living DNA to potentially find living relatives, we are currently developing our Family Networks feature, anticipated to be available for public release in mid-2018 (current estimate). In the meantime, if results are available in your Living DNA portal, you will be able to download the autosomal raw data in TXT format, which GEDmatch can accept in their GENESIS pipelines.

Your Living DNA membership includes free ongoing upgrades in the ancestry platform. In the future, if, we are able to provide finer detail within our existing regions, or we can offer additional features in the ancestry platform, your results will be updated automatically.

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