How can I get my Raw DNA Data?

Your raw data file is essentially a version of your results, pre-analysis, before it becomes what you see in your portal.

The Living DNA Your Ancestry test uses around 680,000 markers, which are represented in your raw data file(s).

You can download your DNA Raw data from the results page in your Living DNA Account. 

Select Download Raw Data from the Side Navigation Bar.


Please read the information about your data download carefully, then tick the box confirming you understand the implications of downloading your data. You can then choose to download your Autsomal and mtDNA data, as well as your Y-DNA data for males.

The data downloads in the following formats;

  • TXT for your Autosomal data
  • CSV for your mother/fatherline positive SNPs

The Living DNA raw data file(s) you download will not resemble the portal view of your results.