What is an ancestry DNA test?

Using your DNA, we can show you where your ancestors come from. With Living DNA, we can do this in the most detail possible, more than twice that of any other test. And it's all done using a simple mouth swab.

How it works

See your family as you've never seen them before

Your family ancestry looks at both your recent ancestry from all sides of your family broken down across up to 80 worldwide regions, and then allows you to explore this at different times in history. Developed with world leading academics it provides twice the detail of any other test.

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When you receive your DNA results it's only the beginning

After you receive your results we will share all future ancestry updates, latest information and technology with you. We work closely with scientists and academics who are constantly updating data about DNA.

All this is done in privacy, no information will be shared without your permission.

Explore your mother's direct ancestry

With a Living DNA test you get to explore your mother's direct ancestry as we look at over 4,000 areas of your mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Understand its history and see how your group compares to others.

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Explore your father's direct ancestry

The Living DNA test includes a section that looks at your father's direct ancestry. Built by world experts through a careful selection of over 21,000 YDNA markers it sets the standard worldwide, (results only available to males).

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Sharing and comparing your DNA

At Living DNA, we let you see what ancestry you have in common with friends and family and which ones you don’t. You can then look back to different points in history to discover when in the past your DNA unites as one.

Your personalised book

Choose an optional personalised coffee table book with your DNA test results allowing you to share them with friends and family without having to be tied to a computer. Makes a great gift.

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