Our Team


David Nicholson Living DNA Photo

David Nicholson

Managing Director

David Nicholson is a successful biotechnology entrepreneur who founded DNA Worldwide Group in 2004 with the aim to transform the level of service provided and ensure true quality and care in the industry.

Hannah Morden

Hannah Morden

Marketing Director

Hannah has owned and led global projects on brands such as Unilever and SC Johnson, dealing with up to 18 individual markets at any given time.

Dr. Martin Blythe

Head of Bioinformatics

Before Living DNA, Dr Martin Blythe was the Lead Bioinformatician at DeepSeq, the core NGS facility at The University of Nottingham where he gained more than 5 years experience in applied bioinformatics.

Mary Dy

Operations Manager

Mary comes from a professional background of learning, teaching and support.

Jens Wiehler

Dr. Jens Wiehler

Partner Operations

Since January 2016, Jens manages a new “consumer DNA services” Eurofins business unit, focusing on laboratory service to B2C companies and offering also selectively directly to consumers.

Team Member

Michelle Underwood

Head of IT Security, Quality and Compliance

Michelle Underwood leads the teams international accrediations and certfications ensuring information technology security as well as quality and compliance across the company.


Alan Morden Living DNA

Alan Morden

Creative Director

Alan Morden has spent his career helping define major brands at major advertising agencies over many years.

Denise Morden

Denise Morden

Visual Communicator

Denise grew up next to the Kruger National Park, where her love of animals inspired her to pick up a paint brush.

Ashley Garland

Ashley Garland

Marketing Executive

Ashley is a Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations graduate from the University of Worcester.

Ancestry Research & Development

Daniel Lawson

Dr. Daniel Lawson

Autosomal Ancestry Development Team Lead - University of Bristol

Daniel Lawson works on statistical methodology for population genetics, with an emphasis on solving problems with massive data.

Grady Weyenberg

Dr. Grady Weyenberg

Autosomal Ancestry Test Development

Grady has a PhD and an MA in Statistics from the University of Kentucky, and a BS in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Arizona.

Daniel Falush

Dr. Daniel Falush

Autosomal Ancestry Test Development

Daniel has performed pioneering work on statistical approaches to understand genetic variation within populations, aimed at elucidating evolutionary and historical processes.


Dr. Garrett Hellenthal

Autosomal Ancestry Test Development

Garrett is a population geneticist who received his PhD in Statistics from the University of Washington. 

Jonathan Marchini

Prof. Jonathan Marchini

Phasing/Imputation Development

Jonathan is a world leader in the field of statistical methods for genetic studies of human disease and human population genetics.

Simon Myers

Prof. Simon Myers

Autosomal Ancestry Test Development

Simon's research interests focus on the area of population genetics, specifically the use of stochastic models to understand patterns of variation in samples drawn from a population.

Daisy Finniear

Daisy Finniear

Content Researcher

Daisy is an Anthropology and Archaeology graduate from the University of Bristol.

Alexander Cocker

Alexander Cocker

Content Researcher

Alex is an archaeology and anthropology graduate from the University of Bristol.

Team Member

Björn Suttka

Research and Education Project Manager

Björn has a professional background in a broad range of areas, ranging from mental health and customer service to project management. He is fluent in German, Dutch and English.

Scientific Advisors

Barbara Prainsack Living DNA

Dr. Barbara Prainsack

Bioethics and Research Development

Barbara Prainsack is a political scientist with expertise in the regulatory, social, and ethical dimensions of bioscience, biomedicine, and forensics.


Dr. Torsten Heinemann

Bioethics and Research Development

Torsten Heinemann is Marie Curie Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley and professor of sociology at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Hamburg.


Dr. Pille Hallast

Y chromosome Test Development

Pille holds a PhD in Gene technology, specializing in the evolution of the Y chromosome and its genetic diversity both in humans and great apes, with a particular interest in Y chromosome and infertility.

Mark Jobling

Prof. Mark Jobling

Y chromosome Test Development

Educated in Durham, Mark attended the University of Oxford to study Biochemistry in 1981.

William Foley

Prof. William Foley

Professor of Linguistics - University of Sydney

William has worked in syntactic theory from a lexicalist approach and the role of semantics in syntax and have published extensively on this topic (Functional Syntax and Universal Grammar, Cambridge, 1984).

Customer Support

Gabriela Bordon

Gabriela Bordon

Operations and Projects Supervisor

Most of Gabi's working career has been dedicated to sales and customer support. She believes in providing the best service to every customer. 

Team Member

Keana Mitchell

Sample Processing Supervisor

Keana leads the sample processing team who accession the samples, ensuring they are ready for testing and shipment to our laboratories.

Team Member

Kate Mills

Customer Support Supervisor

Kate joined the Living DNA team in 2016, bringing over 20 years of advising and offering customer support in many different industries through call management.


Burkhard Rolf

Dr. Burkhard Rolf

Head of DNA Services - Eurofins

Dr. Burkhard Rolf holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Münster. He is the laboratory director at the Eurofins Medigenomix Forensik GmbH.

Team Member

Dr. Thomas Thykjaer

Head of Microarray Laboratory - AROS/Eurofins

Thomas Thykjaer holds a Ph. D. in molecular biology from Aarhus University. His scientific career has focussed on plant molecular biology, and later on cancer research.

Irene Gjermandsen

Irene Gjermandsen

Production and Project Manager - AROS/Eurofins

Irene Gjermandsen is Head of the Extraction Laboratory and Sample Repository at AROS/Eurofins.